Business hours of pasera?

In the product sales shop, in 20:00, the restaurant, 22:00 is basic from 11:00 from 10:00.

As there is open store from 8:30,

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Business hours of bicycle parking lot & parking lot?

Motomachi creed bicycle parking lot 6:30-24:00

Motomachi creed parking 7:30-0:30

It is different for each other facilities.

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Where is parking lot for service of pasera?

It is Motomachi creed parking, Hiroshima center Building parking lot, Hiroshima-shi center parking lot.

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What does privilege of paserakado include?

There are points partner parking lot service on partner facility special treatment, birthday.

Please confirm other details than the following.


Point expiration date of paserakado?

We are doing up to two years as cycle in 4/1-3/31 with expiration date.

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We want to change registering address, what should I do?

When, commencing with address change, there is change of other registration information,

Please contact pasera 1F paserainfomeshon.
TEL: 082-502-3515

Where is paserainfomeshon?

There is from 1F escalator on the way to elevator.

Where is the restroom?

It is in all floors except 1F.

Rest room for wheelchair is at 1F, 6F ostomate.

Where is the public telephone?

There is near B1F center parking lot entrance.

Where is the locker?

There is paid locker near B1F parking lot entrance.
As available time is to 6:00-0:30, please be careful.

Where is the vending machine?

Drinks are at B1F parking lot entrance side, 4F nursing room entrance, 6F.

There is cigarette at B1F, 7F.

Where should we propose the use of NTT creed hall (11F) and contact open space (1F) to?

Please ask the NTT creed hall secretariat (reception hours: 9:00-17:30).

TEL: 082-502-3430

TEL: 082-502-3505

Where is the ATM of bank?

It is at B1F promenade (the neighborhood of parking lot entrance) and 9F.

B1F Hiroshima Bank Weekday 8:00-21:00 [Saturday and Sunday, celebration] 8:45-19:00
B1F Maple bank Weekday 8:45-21:00 [Saturday and Sunday, celebration] 8:45-19:00
9F Tokyo star bank Weekday 10:00-18:00 [soil] 10:00-18:00 (as for the day celebration suspension of business)

Place and the use time when connecting walkway with neighboring facilities is available?

  • Sogo Hiroshima new building
    All floors (10:00-20:00) to B1F ... the ninth floor
  • Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima
    [1F] (6:00-0:00)
    [2F] (10:00-20:00)
    [6F] (11:30-22:00)
  • Aqua Hiroshima center street, Hiroshima Bus Center (3F)
    1F, 3F, 6F (10:00-20:00) ※3F is convenient for bus center.
  • Astram Line, prefectural general gymnasium, shareo
    Promenade (6:00-0:00) under the ground

Where is smoking place?

Appointed place put ashtray in 8F smoking area, 6F sky patio, please.

In 1F contact open space as cannot smoke, I would like cooperation.

Available credit card?

JCB, Mitsui Sumitomo, Credit Saison, Rakuten, Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos, Chinese Gin Rei, Orico card, Tenmaya card, Toyota finance (TS cubic) are available.


Shop to customer of the use

Event space to customer of the use

To car, customer coming by bicycle

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