Privacy policy

  1. We establish regulations about the handling of personal information to meet expectation and trust for us in deference to customer and maintain the organization system and act as paseratenanto party (operator: the NTT URBAN DEVELOPMENT Corporation China branch) for appropriate protection of personal information.
  2. When we collect personal information from customer, we tell customer about the use purpose of the personal information and have agreement from customer about the use purpose to take and collect personal information as far as it is necessary.
  3. We use personal information of customer in purpose range of collection and manage by appropriate method and we disclose to third party without getting consent of customer and may not provide.
  4. We keep personal information of customer the correct and latest state and take measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation to personal information and leak to outside the company.
  5. When we consign handling of personal information to the outside, we carry out imposition, appropriate management by contract not to perform leak and re-offer.
  6. When confirmation, correction of personal information of customer are hoped for, customer gives a necessary response in deference to intention of customer as far as it is rational.
  7. We observe laws and ordinances, model applied about personal information that we hold and maintain approach in each clause mentioned above and protection activity and will be improved.

paserakado member terms

Article 1 purpose 
We establish paserakado member terms (called "these terms" as follows.) about the handling of reward card service of paserakado (called "this card" as follows.) which NTT Urban Development Corp. (called "us" as follows.) runs.

Article 2 membership
We approve these terms, and it is member of paserakado (called "this member" as follows.), and the enrollment which we approved in people applied for 16 years or older can receive privilege by our predetermined formats along these terms or place that we set separately.

Article 3 enrollment method
Person that the enrollment to this member is hoped for apply for pasera 1F information after filling out the requirements to the predetermined enrollment application directly.

Issuance of Article 4 member card

  1. With the enrollment application for preceding article, we issue this card by 1F information, and this member can use this from the day on issue date.
  2. This card will issue one piece of member card for one member.
  3. Only this member can use this card and privilege. We give to another person and cannot transfer.
  4. When we received grant of this card based on Honjo (1), we sign, and this member, please maintain full name in predetermined column promptly.

Article 5 membership fee
Enrollment fee, annual fee are free.

The use of Article 6 reward card
In the case of shopping in pasera or creed Okayama, meal, please show this card before payment. We give 1 point every amount of payment (for tax-excluded 100 yen + consumption amount of a tax equivalency ※). When this card is shown after the payment, please note that you cannot give point. Point given in the case of payment to affect the return of goods concerned is subtracted from about case that returns product which had you purchase, and is changed. ※We assume issuance standard that applied consumption tax rate that is not reduction tax rate.

Grant of Article 7 point

  1. It is said that object of point grant is only payment with cash, electronic money that we cooperate and credit card (including gift coupon which credit card company issues). But, for use of point, as for the products which shopping ticket, fixing charges, parking rate and other we appointed separately, we are not intended for point grant.
  2. There is store which cannot use this card partly.

Article 8 privilege

 1. We can trade with paseragifutochiekku for 500 yen every 500 points.
   Changed point is subtracted from savings point automatically.
   ※Fraction point that is with 499 points or less of exchanges and cannot do it.
 2. We can receive member special treatment privilege by showing this card and receipt.
   (please see facility homepage in detail.)

Savings period and exchange period of Article 9 point

  1. During savings period of point, we do every year with one year until March 31 in - next year on April 1.
  2. During exchange period of point, it is point savings period and subsequent one year. In addition, savings point will lapse on the next day of the exchange period concerned. But savings point shall disappear with the loss of membership when we corresponded to Article 12 (1) even if during validity of point.
  3. We cannot add up point of these several cards.

Exchange of Article 10 point and balance inquiry

  1. Point exchange and balance inquiry go in point switchboard of the pasera 1F information side.
  2. Point exchange is not possible for a few days from the day of the enrollment. Exchange of point is enabled after the system registration completion of customer information that had the enrollment application.

Shift to Article 11 paseramembazu member (application member)
This member transfers point to "UD premium club" (smartphone application) and is available. We shall lose qualification of this member with shift.

  1. It is limited once per person, and point shift becomes effective.
  2. Point of this member and application member is not added up unless procedure for point shift is done.
  3. Point shifts from application member to this member are not possible.

The loss of Article 12 membership, point

  1. When this member is resigned from, previous savings point becomes invalid.
  2. When there is illegal act, in the use of this card, we shall lose membership. In this case member shall return this card promptly and invalidates previous savings point.
  3. Savings point that passed in point exchange period will disappear.
  4. ​It continues for one year and, after point exchange period, loses membership when there is not the use of this card.

​※In addition, please note that we do not perform advance notice of (2)(3)(4) mentioned above.

Reissue by loss or theft, damage of Article 13 reward card

  1. In the case of loss or theft, please send this card to pasera 1F information immediately. We file for reissue on the spot. Please bring thing which you can confirm of the person by all means on this occasion. ※We charge the actual expenses as reissue fee.
  2. In the case of loss or theft of this card, savings point shall disappear.
  3. In the case of damage of this card, magnetic defectiveness, we will issue new card in exchange for old card. We transfer this case, point of old card to new card (but except case of damage intentional), and point of old card lapses. In addition, we succeed old card for validity.

Change of Article 14 member information
When report contents have change, please send full name, address to pasera 1F information immediately. When there is not delivery, notice does not arrive and may not receive privilege, but our company cannot take responsibility.

Withdrawal at the convenience of Article 15 member
When member resigns by convenience, please report to pasera 1F information beforehand. In addition, savings point until withdrawal disappears.

The use purpose of Article 16 member information

  1. We manage privacy policy according to our privacy policy other than these Terms of Use. In addition, other than full name, address of member who had you report at the time of the enrollment, we will use personal information such as the purchase results for the purpose of next.
  2. It is Seki for this card issuance in each store
  3. For inquiries about various information for business information, product information about campaign and event from each pasera and pasera store (direct mails), the amount of payment and point
  4. For marketing analysis of our sales promotion purpose

Changes of Article 17 terms
When we are going to change contents or administration method determined by these terms, they will carry out the contents beforehand by our websites after being well-known.

Application day 2019. As of October

About paserakado member

  1. In paseratenanto society (operator: the NTT URBAN DEVELOPMENT Corporation China branch), personal information of pasera members will use "full name, address, sex, the date of birth, phone number, the purchasing history" jointly with each shop opening a store in pasera.
    We will use personal information of member in the following purposes in paseratenanto society.

    • ・For point input of paserakado and exchange of gift check
    • ・Please send to paserainfomeshon to send business information from pasera and each shop, product information when guidance is unnecessary)
    • ・To use marketing analysis material of sales promotion purpose as statistics which cannot distinguish individual
    • ・For confirmation of the person accompanied with procedure for member card reissue
    • ・In addition, for the use purpose that had agreement from member
  2. paseratenanto society shall take necessary and appropriate measures for leak, loss of personal information of member or safety management of prevention or other personal information of damage.
    We shall perform necessary and appropriate supervision for the employee concerned so that safety management of the personal information concerned is planned on letting employee handle personal information.
  3. In the paseratenanto society, business consignment point shall be able to deposit all or a part of the personal information as far as it is necessary for conduct of the use purpose of foregoing paragraph.
    In this case paseratenanto society shall perform necessary and appropriate supervision for person who received trust so that safety management of personal information consigned the handling to is planned.

About Motomachi creed paserahomupeji

On website of pasera, we record information of accessed in form called access log. Domain name and IP address of accessed, type of browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but do not include information that can identify individual.
Access log conjugates for statistical analysis about maintenance management and the use situation of website, but may not use in other purpose.


Person in charge about the joint use

NTT URBAN DEVELOPMENT Corporation China Branch
Address: 6-78, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Telephone: 082-222-8623

Inquiry window about personal information

NTT URBAN DEVELOPMENT Corporation China Branch
Address: 6-78, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Telephone: 082-222-8623

List of paseratenanto society stores

We can see list of pasera stores from the following URL.
List of pasera stores from this
※In paseratenanto society (operator: the NTT URBAN DEVELOPMENT Corporation China branch), to plan protection of personal information of customer even more, or, with for establishment or change of laws and ordinances, is privacy po As we may change the resea, we recommend that we are confirmed regularly.


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