paserakado toward the use

New registration of application is possible, too.

But is enrolled in application; case,
Possession point of card application
Individual as the other member; handle.

Point that we accumulated to card,
It can just shift.

But when the point shifts to application,
We become handled as withdrawal, and card is not available.
Point shifts from application to card are not possible.

UD premium club


As for the member's card as for the point,
One this.

Shopping in Pacela and the use
It is point application to do with discount usefully.

Annual fee for free
Registration is easy


Annual fee for free
Registration is easy


With PACELA MEMBERS paseramembazu UD PREMIUM CLUBUD premium club


Shopping in Pacela
It is full of functions becoming convenient
It is "point application"

  • We save 01 points
    Accumulate Points
    The points collect for application more and more when we do shopping and meal in Pacela.
    ※It is one point of addition every shopping, meal 110 yen (tax-included).
  • We use 02 points
    Available Points
    Point that we saved is available for shopping and meal as being equivalent for 500 yen every 500 points at each store of Pacela.
    ※Use of point is possible with QR code of application.
  • 03 special

    Special bonus

    According to the amount of use, we present gift check (shopping ticket) which is usable for shopping a year.

  • 04 member special treatments

    Courteous Treatment

    We offer nice special treatment privilege with discount that "only member" including accommodation special treatment discount and facility admission charges special treatment can use.

Point savings period is one year
Period of use two years
point savings period for one year until March 31 of every year April 1 - next year,
It is two years of positive one year in total during point savings period for period of use.



We save happily and are usable in discount
Point application





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More than Android 5.X

Google Play

You choose frompaseramembazu UD PREMIUM CLUB application, and please use

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Shop to customer of the use

Event space to customer of the use

To car, customer coming by bicycle

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