pacela FREE Wi-Fi

In pasera building, FREE Wi-Fi is available.

[we found charge outlet seat in - B1F arofuto on January 12, 2019]

You came to be able to spend more comfortably.



[the use procedure]

Please prepare for apparatus for Wi-Fi.

  1. In Wi-Fi setting window of apparatuses such as smartphones for Wi-Fi,
    SSID: We choose pacela_HIROSHIMA_Free_Wi-Fi.
  2. Registration screen of user is displayed when we open up Web browser (the Internet Explorer).
  3. After checking Terms of Use, we agree.
  4. We register full name and e-mail address.
  5. After checking security level, we agree.
  6. It is connected to the Internet, and top page of paserasaito is open automatically.
    (when we read other pages, we can read by inputting your "favorite registration page" and URL.)

Service information

  • For improvement in security, we are doing with 30 minutes at the use time per once. (we can be connected again and again on 1st.)
  • Re-registration when we are connected is unnecessary once if the use is less than two weeks when we register.
  • By maintenance, we may stop service without notice.
  • This service performs "filtering" to regulate access to harmful information.
  • At terminal which has already set wireless LAN, change of network setting of radio may be necessary.


Shop to customer of the use

Event space to customer of the use

To car, customer coming by bicycle

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