pasera in NTT Motomachi creed building.

Including NTT creed hall and contact open space,

There is many event space from the first floor to the eleventh floor.

PR event, meeting, conference lesson, presentation

Venue which is most suitable to the use purpose.


Please consult with the NTT creed hall secretariat casually.



11F NTT creed hall


The more than 100,000 entrance results

300-990 seats of hall seat patterns

3,000 hall & foyers simultaneous accommodation

With free seat constitution including concert, projection society, fashion show, exhibition, lecture,

Stage by the latest three-dimensional mechanism of sound, lighting system, 32 just as wanted.

The use by rehearsal and the division is possible, too.



Base rate (there is change by the use area)

 9:00-17:00 <8H> Weekday 462,000 yen
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays  506,000 yen
 9:00-21:00 <12H> Weekday 550,000 yen
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays  605,000 yen

Permanent construction equipment example

 Permanent construction equipment

 Full concert piano, large screen of Stein way company

 Host stand, linoleum, box horse, flat base, film projector

You can talk about machine parts arrangement.


We will help with reception and holding of party.





1F contact open space


"Contact open space" that faces Rijo-dori St.

We are superior in exposure to user of bus and taxi, privately-owned car.

A certain green rest space have a firm parent wait as relaxing space

In late years it is spotted various application, and any people regardless of age or sex gathers.


Contact open space base rate

1st 10:00-20:00 220,000 yen



Motomachi creed vision base rate


1st 48,400 yen
One month 330,000 yen

There is setting of use rate every others, days.


About corresponding material

The MXF file-adaptive media XDCAM HD422/P2
nyukokanoutsurizo file format


HDV/DVCAM/DV/AVC-intra 100(MXF)/AVC-intra 50


AVI(Grass Valley Lossiess/HQX/HQ)/MPEG-2/MPEG-1

VOB/QuickTime ※Sound: Only in linear PCM, it is /H.264/MPEG-4/WMV



Open space of 6F wing


The second groundfloor of half indoor where people gather, and information spreads through.

Various event development including display, company campaign, sightseeing campaign is possible.


Open space base rate of wing

1st 10:00-20:00 110,000 yen



6F sky patio


Aerial garden where is filled with green. It is space of rest of Motomachi creed.

View from here spreads wealthily, and bench and monument are placed and provide a space and relaxation to coming person.

Night light-up deepens impression conspicuously and is the most suitable space including music live.

The sky patio base rate

1st 10:00-20:00 110,000 yen



11F lounge


A certain space space of area 40 tsubo.

We can cope with various parties, meetings, every event including seminar lesson,

We can have utilization in conjunction with NTT creed hall of 11F.


Lounge base rate

The division Two hours 8,250 yen
Four hours 16,500 yen
9:00 - 21:00<12H> 27,500 yen
The entire surface Two hours 16,500 yen
Four hours 33,000 yen
9:00 - 21:00<12H> 55,000 yen



Shop to customer of the use

Event space to customer of the use

To car, customer coming by bicycle

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