The etymology of "pacela" (pasera) was born from paseo (promenade) celeste (the heavens) ala (wing). As symbol of words to symbolize meaning called "wing of the heavens"

It is building which was born on April 19, 1994.


Facility introduction

Multifunctional compound space that affects urban sensitivity

"Nu Urban prestige"

Motomachi creed has both every charm and originality only in MOTOMACHI pursued in city

"Nu Urban prestige" is developed in concept and creates charm of city space.

The sky patio
Place where relaxation coexists with bustle in 6F air garden.
In point of glance, it can face Hiroshima-jo Castle.
In romantic space that can overlook night view at night.
Motomachi creed vision
It is creed vision of setting in 1F contact open space.
With 220-shaped powerful big screen picture news and sports program, the latest music,
We broadcast living information and offer rest and the latest information to person using open space.
NTT creed hall
It is 900 square meters of multipurpose halls with area corresponding to every event.
We are equipped with 32 division-type going up and down floors and are configurable with attendance to up to 1,000 people freely.
In addition, use with foyer (1,000 square meters) of one is possible, too.
Powder room (2F)
We add powder room which can relax relaxedly to ladies' room located in the 2F depths.
Large mirror and sofa, dresser booth are fully equipped, too. Please spend time relaxedly here if tired from shopping.
Nursing room (4F)
Nursing room which is located in the 4F depths.
Let alone baby sheet, it is completely equipped with milk formula sink and microwave oven, hand-dryer, too.
There is private room booth, too.
Pacela Topics

By using glass reflecting the image of the left) light cloud and bonnet of film in atrium,

We take in calm climate, climate in Seto while preventing rain and direct rays of the sun and direct as the half outside space that is Jolo Nic. 
It is attractive motif balancing order and change and quotes combination of street pattern and curve of the Ota River of grillwork characterizing urban structure of inside) Hiroshima in atrium and wall surface of high-rise ridge inserted in the rectangular volume. 
We create "the contemporary castle tower" deserving to be face of Hiroshima by desgining image of symbol, carp-jo Castle of castle lower town Hiroshima facing each other across the right) park.

Tanada and terraced fields develop from the old days in order to use the mountain gachina topography effectively in the Chugoku district, and stepped atrium and rooftop garden symbolize the regionality morphologically mentally.





Building name NTT creed Motomachi building
The location 6-78, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Plottage 21,800m²
The completion April 19, 1994
Receiving a prize ・Winning 1994 good design facility choice prize
・Prize for 1994 first Hiroshima town planning design "grand prix" receiving a prize
・Excellent firefighting disaster prevention system receiving a prize





・1995 Japanese Institute of Landscape Architects prize (6F sky patio)
・Signature design "prize for encouragement" receiving a prize

・Winning Landmark prize

・Prize for lighting spread "excellent facility Prize" receiving a prize

・The light-up "popularity prize first place" receiving a prize


Shop to customer of the use

Event space to customer of the use

To car, customer coming by bicycle

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