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11F NTT creed hall
"Shimane U-turn I turn fair in Hiroshima" Sunday, January 27
11F NTT creed hall
Motomachi world carnival Sunday, January 20
11F NTT creed hall
DISCO JAM2019 age Saturday, January 19

Exhibition of person living in mountain

Period It is from 10:00 to 20:00 until Thursday, January 31, 2019
Place pasera 2F
Sponsorship Motomachi creed pasera

We choose here and come true, and please see work full of personality by all means.


Ikeda Kent Kento Ikeda
It was born in Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima for 1,988 years
We work at real estate company for seven years and retire.
After the retirement, we study in Vancouver of Canada for two years.
We experience orchid way as work, model in Vancouver collection 2018 S/S and Tokyo collection 2018 S/S in office for Vancouver fashion week during studying abroad.
During Vancouver stay, we begin to take photograph by self-education mainly on street snap.
After returning home, we start activity led by Hiroshima as photographer.
Genre does not matter and is active mainly on person shooting mainly.


Masaaki Saito

Using tree of crowd of Hiroshima, we handcraft container of tree, tool of living.
In everyday living of my own, it begins from place making thing which we thought "to be necessary" using right around material quickly.
We produce thing "which this in particular wants to recommend" and, from them, sell.
We use tree pure materials (yamazakura, walnut, kuwa) of broadleaf tree produced in Ota River basin mainly. We stock outside domestic lumber such as walnut and teak and, depending on request, use.
We are displaying and selling product now in studio exhibition held in each place, exhibition.
As production with full order is possible, please feel free to contact.


Okumura hare's-foot fern
It was born in Hokkaido for 1,964 years and is resident in Hiroshima.
Graduate from technical school of design, from 20 years old to 50 years old, is the advertisement design work.
We aim at making ceramic art that there was as hobby work and engage in activity of ceramic art now till then.

It is made with "useless thing" and pours love and passion.
Object which watches you kindly from gap of activity.
For such a manufacturing, we think every day.



We swat with thought to iron.
Pure line appears when we swat while wanting to take out beautiful line.
Nothing becomes only some forms when we swat without putting thought.
If anything is made with iron, we challenge thought of customer as much as possible.
But, seeing from where, does it want to make thing found to work of Mitsuya?


Leather unit person

We like thing of old tree with taste and thing of iron and leather. We feel the history in background, living, wisdom of ancient people. It is history like that; when wanted to make, denied company at 30 years old, and 16 years passed for a long time shi erumonooo. And hot water "just" emigrated 12 years ago when we wanted to be careful with living itself to come. We are happy if we have you enjoy every scenery, atmosphere of studio.


Blow; glass studio FUJI321

Facing glass which melted in mountains that were close to Miyajima "work which is familiar with everyday life with simplicity…"
We record breath on glass in such thought


Crossroads positive water

One of 50 artisans participating in LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT
We like machine, and manufacturing is influenced by ironsmith art that favorite father began by hobby and begins iron. We cultivate technique while working at ironworks. We reach in now while exploring expression of iron for oneself. We usually produce nameplate or the post of personal house from interior product by custom tailoring, store furniture, drawing card it mainly. We investigate manufacturing that we made use of feel of texture in. Not act to make up for, it goes down and is doing that we do beauty of thing seeing in what we trim in form in motto.



As of October 11
※We change work at any time.

Gallery Moon
Contact 080-5758-4099


Event space to customer of the use

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