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September 11, 2017

Guidance of event space

◆11F NTT creed hall

 ●New creed hall image. jpg

Concert, projection society, fashion show, exhibition, lecture
We can create stage just as wanted by free seat constitution and latest sound, lighting system.
As layout is free, various direction is possible.
The number of the accommodation is possible to up to approximately 800 seats. (we allow until up to approximately 1,000 standing)
It is completely equipped with wide screen of 488*366cm, too.
In addition, application in the case of less than three months of use preferred date special price setting
We offer advantageous plan!

・Fashion show ① .jpgExhibition ① .JPG
・Professional wrestling encouragement of new industry .jpg・College Board. jpg
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[base rate]
It is use (weekdays 9:00 - 21:00<12H>) 540,000 yen all day
A division (weekdays 9:00 - 13:00<4H>) 216,000 yen
B division (weekdays 13:00 - 17:00<4H>) 237,600 yen
There is setting of use rate every ohajime, each time.

Summary is this

● Specifically, please refer to the NTT creed hall secretariat ●
TEL: 082-502-3505

※Status of hall from this
※Hall event information from this

◆1F contact open space

・1F open space P1250853.jpg

1F contact open space green and water facing the carp castle street,
Open space of rest that should be called the entrance of Motomachi creed feeling wind.
We provide wait and relaxing space.

[contact open space base rate]
1st (from 10:00 to 20:00) 216,000 yen
[Motomachi creed vision base rate]
47,520 yen / one month 324,000 yen a day
There is setting of use rate every others, days.
[about correspondence material]
<the MXF file-adaptive media>

<with article possibility picture file format>

DVCAM/DV/AVC-intra 100 (MXF)/AVC-intra 50
Non-compression AVI/AVI(Grass Valley Lossiess/HQX/HQ)
MPEG-2/MPEG-1/VOB/QuickTime ※Sound: Only in linear PCM

Summary is this

● Specifically, please refer to the NTT creed hall secretariat ●
TEL: 082-502-3505


◆3F air bridge

・3F bridge MG_8251.jpg

Unique event stage.
Motomachi creed 3F air bridge live, talk show, noh dance by talent
Various event development is possible and become stage space that it is easy to see very much.


◆Open space of 6F wing


The second groundfloor where people gather, and information spreads through.
Various event development including display, company campaign, sightseeing campaign is possible.

[open space base rate of wing]
1st (from 10:00 to 20:00) 108,000 yen
Summary is this


◆6F sky patio


Aerial garden where is filled with green. It is space of rest of Motomachi creed.
View from here spreads wealthily, and bench and monument are put,
We offer a space and relaxation to person to visit.
Night light up deepens impression conspicuously and is the most suitable space including music live.

[sky patio base rate]
1st (from 10:00 to 20:00) 108,000 yen

Summary is this

◆11F lounge

・11F lounge P1080601.jpg

Lounge is a certain space space of area 40 tsubo.
We can cope with various parties, meetings, every event including seminar,
We can have inflection in conjunction with NTT creed hall of 11F.



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