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April 10, 2017


Zoff Hiroshima shop


Cut rate of the industry best! It was equipped with transparent lens of ultraviolet ray 100% cut
"Zoff UV CLEAR SUNGLASSES" comes up (3,500 yen [tax distinction] ...)

It is said that it might lead to stain, freckles and eye disease when we take in ultraviolet ray from eyes.
Regardless of season and fashion, thought to want daily life to adopt ultraviolet ray measures of eyes led to release.

"Zoff UV CLEAR SUNGLASSES" is equipped with lens which we kneaded special material absorbing ultraviolet ray into,
It absorbs 100% of UV to arrive to eyes and blocks.

In addition, to cancel trouble "dirt of lens" of glasses user; on the surface such as sebum dirt or mascara such as fingerprints
We gave processing called super water-repellent coating to make it easy to wipe off make.

Zoff UV CLEAR LENS can make with degree for 3,000 yen and can put together with frame of all Zoff.

Zoff-UV-CLEAR-SUNGLASSES product 500 .gif

Image left ZN71G05 B-1
                Combination of trendy plastic and metal

        Central ZN71G04 C-1B
                 Wellington who is casual, and is easy to run

         Right ZP72G01 B-1
                Classical samonto type

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Zoff Hiroshima shop

Zoff Hiroshima shop

Zoff Hiroshima shop

6F : Glasses sunglasses

TEL: 082-225-0300

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