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April 19, 2017

Summer clothing one after another♪


All of you, hello!
It is Wada of arufureddobanisuta.

It is on the verge of GW if we notice!
There is not article to become hot, and to wear suddenly!
There is thing how
It is check required before being able to happen!

We introduce recommended item at time when outing increases in GW all the time in festival♪

At first it is Lady's
Photograph ① 1500 .jpg
We are pretty and are comfortable to walk in and take off, and wearing is comfortable♪
It is sandal which seemed to perform grab of heart of girl
Article number 53343525051
Color / gold ivory navy
Price 20,520 yen (tax-included)

Next is bag
Photograph ② -(2)500.jpg
Large up-and-coming bucket type bag becomes rattan and appears
The top of furoshiki type charm, various "cute" are packed plonk
Article number 51345051043
Color / brown beige
Price 13,824 yen (tax-included)

Finally it is men
It is moisture absorption fast-dry comfortable deck shoes with mesh specifications
Let alone town use, it is recommended in leisure!
Article number 52341206026
Color / black navy pink white
Price 18,360 yen (tax-included)

In addition, we have many products.
Please drop in.

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