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Figure: Floor facilities icon explanation

  • B1F: Drugstore restaurant & cafe
  • 1F: Fashion bag
  • 2F: Fashion bag shoes
  • 3F: Fashion, miscellaneous goods
  • 4F: Fashion, miscellaneous goods
  • 5F: Miscellaneous goods, beauty wedding
  • 6F: Amusement place of fashion, miscellaneous goods, parent and child
  • 7F: Restaurant area
  • 8F: Restaurant area
  • 9F: Hair beauty
  • 10F: Culture
  • 11F: Hall

Various charm of pasera

  • Contact open space
  • Powder room (for woman)
  • Sky patio
  • Open space of wing
  • Skywalk

Winning Hiro Island citizen-based town planning design prize

Building where pasera was chosen as prize for citizen-based town planning design.
In individual pasera different from other fashion-business buildings, please expect continuously☆

Interior (molding thing of the shop name signboard circumference of each molding thing / floor of the escalator side) of pasera
It is work of Kaji craftsman Yuki Okamoto resident in Hiroshima-shi.

Sculpture of setting is work "sky" by *tsubashosanshi which is Hiroshima honor citizen of the prefecture in living national treasure in 1F contact open space.