Information for paserakado

Information for point system

The point addition, exchange program

Photograph: paserakado (cash reward card), paserakado (with credit function)
It is one point of addition every 108 yen including meal tax shopping in each pasera shop.

※There is outside item targeted for points such as use of cash voucher including paseragifutochiekku and rectification charges, composition.
(please confirm in detail in each shop)

[in the check the presentation of card] → [every 105 yen including tax] = [one point]
We can trade with paseragifutochiekku (shopping ticket) for 500 yen every 500 points.

You can exchange with point ticketing machine of the pasera 1F info side.

[every 500 points] = [paseragifutochiekku (shopping ticket) for 500 yen and exchange]

Birthday point

As petit bonus of birth month, we present 10 points every use 1 store (more than tax-included 108 yen)! Furthermore, 10 points is added to store which is different from 30 points every use if we use 2 different stores in a day if it is 20 points, use of 3 stores.

※In the case of the use, point after the second is not added the same shop to several times in a day.

[every) use 1 stores more than (tax-included 105 yen of your birth month] = [present 10 points]

We point and improve and campaign

It is advantageous and gets point by campaign to point, and to improve of card members only!
[we upload the double points and campaign] → [every 105 yen including tax 2 points!]
[we upload the triple points and campaign] → [every 105 yen including tax 3 points!]
[we upload the 5 times points and campaign] → [every 105 yen including tax 5 points!]

Annual use bonus

In which is more than tax-included 1,080,000 yen with for 10,000 yen in one with more than tax-included 540,000 yen of amount of annual use, it is present in gift check for 30,000 yen!

※We multiply separately from normal point calculation automatically and will tell applicable person directly. We do not tell member who is not hoped for about sending of DM.
※From April 1 to March 31 are savings period every year.

[more than 525,000 yen including amount of use tax a year] → [for 10,000 yen gift check]
[more than amount of annual use tax-excluded 1,050,000 yen] → [for 30,000 yen gift check!]

Savings period and validity of point

Photograph: paserakado paserakado (with credit function)

※We are displayed during exchange period of savings point by receipt.

Point savings period is one year until from April 1 to March 31 every year. During exchange period, it is two years of positive one year, the following day in total during point savings period.

※But end of the fiscal year is added to the use of the enrollment year during normal savings period, and March 31 becomes savings period from April 1 of the next fiscal year.

Member special treatment privilege

Special treatment service only for member is received when we have you show paserakado!

In the case of the use, reservation, please offer the effect of use of privilege by information for each service.

●"Motomachi creed parking / Hiroshima center Building parking lot / Chuo, Hiroshima-shi parking lot" two hours free service

It becomes free service for parking lot two hours when we have you show receipt (more than tax-included 2,160 yen) and stationed-in-bike-race ticket, paserakado using the day in each pasera shop to 1F information!
When there is not the presentation of card, please note that it is only free service one hour.
(target parking lot: Motomachi creed parking / Hiroshima center building parking lot / Chuo, Hiroshima-shi parking lot)
※Other than the pasera 1F information time (from 10:00 to 20:00), come to B1 parking facility management office.

※As for paserakado member, Motomachi creed parkings are free for parking lot three hours!
For more information:

●Special treatment service in "Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima"

◎The hotel charges: 10% discount
◎Use of restaurant in hotel and room service charges: 5% discount
◎Wedding ceremony relations: Wedding raw cake → Of the day of person of free of charge, wedding stay → Of free of charge, the day before of banquet attendant and the day stay → Special price

●Special treatment service in "Okayama Plaza Hotel, Tsuyama crane mountain hotel"

◎The hotel charges: 10% discount
◎Wedding ceremony relations: Of the day of person of wedding stay → Of free of charge, the day before of banquet attendant and the day stay → Special price, wedding candle → Free of charge

●Admission 300 yen discount service of "Sine twin high street, salon cinema 1.2"
⇒ We had Thursday, June 30, 2016 and were finished.

●"Hiroshima Museum of Art" admission charges special treatment service

◎The public: 100 yen discount ◎ amount of, university student: 50 yen discount
◎Temporary exhibition discounts equally, too.

●Hiro Island "village of glass" museum zone admission charges special treatment service

TEL (082) 818-0414
◎Adult: 1, 000 yen → 900 yen ◎ high school student: 700 yen → 630 yen ◎ small, junior high student: 500 yen → 450 yen
※We treat warmly to six people in total in one member

(as of H24 two a year month)

We install point switchboard in pasera building!

●We install point switchboard before pasera 1F information.

We can confirm the number of the current points when we put card in the point switchboard!
When we stand more than 500 points, we can trade with gift check (shopping ticket) on the spot!

Application is easy!
We fill in matter necessary for pasera 1F information application → We issue on the spot
※paserakado with credit function becomes future issuance to have credit card company send.