Access map

For consideration to global environment, please use public transport to pasera.

We see big map in Google map

Person who comes in public transport

We have access of being connected directly to Hiroshima Bus Center ass tram line "in front of prefectural office" station easily!

●We are connected directly with Hiroshima Bus Center!

The north side (direction of Hiroshima-jo Castle) is pasera when we leave Hiroshima Bus Center once. In addition, we enter Sogo Hiroshima at bus center and can enter from connecting walkway of .3 floor .6 floor on the first floor.

●We are connected directly with ass tram line "in front of prefectural office" station!

We get off at "Kenchomae Station". Passage just leads to basement of pasera.

●It is a 1-minute walk from Hiroshima Electric Railway "Kamiyacho west" "Kamiyacho east" streetcar stop!

You go down "Kamiyacho west" or "Kamiyacho east" streetcar stop, and please go along underground passage.

Person who comes by privately-owned car

Traffic jam is expected on Saturday and Sunday, rest holiday and performs entrance regulation of parking lot, and please note that you may not be stocked.
On arrival, please use public transport.

Partner parking lot Parking time Holiday Parking form Vehicle limit Parking rate

Motomachi creed
≪536 accommodation≫
TEL: 082-502-3490 

From 7:30 to 0:30
(as for the entrance until 23:00)
None Mechanical (height) 1.55m
(width) 1.80m
(length) 5.00m
30 minutes 220 yen

Hiroshima center Building
≪320 accommodation≫
TEL: 082-225-3388

From 7:00 to 22:30 None Self-run type (height) 2.00m
(width) 1.90m
(length) 5.50m
30 minutes 220 yen

Chuo, Hiroshima-shi parking lot
≪406 accommodation≫
TEL: 082-227-2110

From 6:30 to 0:00 None Self-run type (height) 2.00m
(width) 2.00m
(length) 5.00m
30 minutes 180 yen

※For more information about parking lot including vehicle limit, please refer to each parking lot directly.

One using tax-included 2,100 yen or more is free in pasera for one hour!


Specifically, it is this!

Person who comes on bicycle, motorcycle

  Business hours Rate
Motomachi creed bicycle parking lot From 6:30 to 24:00 One time of 100 yen /1 day (bicycle)
One time of 200 yen /1 day (motorcycle)


One using tax-included 2,100 yen or more, the next time use are free in pasera!

※Person having past service ticket copes by 1F information.
※Past service ticket should be use until March, 2017. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.