• Early summer season
  • We play in bonerundo and enjoy pasera in discount! 17.3 ...
  • chu P college X paserasupesharukyampen' 17.4 ...
  • Information for paserakado
  • Guidance of event space
  • Guidance of parking lot, bicycle parking lot
  • Under recruitment of paseramerumaga members!
  • pasera FB
  • FREE Wi-Fi came to be available

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B1F Fabrics


  Staff: Nanami [wearing item] It is light, and cold protection measures are possible in hemp of Atsuji. It is washable at home! ...
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STAFF lunch

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6F misuhoa

Lunch menu of misuhoa

Lunch menu of misuhoa. Including set of four of extreme popularity nasi goreng or green curry We can enjoy Vietnamese food casually ♪     ...
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Lunch menu of misuhoa