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Drug something extra drugstore

B1F Drug something extra drugstore


Staff:Yokochan   Let's overcome summer heat with Chinese medicine! We get completely exhausted, and "mugimisan*ryu" is recommended for measures, heat stroke measures in the summer! Physical strength, mind high by power to use earth-water preservation action and blood of body...
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Drug something extra drugstore (B1F)

STAFF lunch

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Shinshu-soba liquor bunch soji Bo

8F Shinshu-soba liquor bunch soji Bo

Cold noodles feature PART6

 Cold noodles feature PART6 This time is this ◆8F Shinshu-soba liquor bunch soji Bo ・Chilled wild plants tororo soba 667 yen (tax-excluded) It was said topping with wild plants and grated yam to specialty homemade soba; is at all the beauty...
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 Cold noodles feature PART6